Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Vegetable Garden

I'd like to start a new segment of my vegetable garden!  I love fresh produce!  Growing up, my mother taught me there is nothing better than a home grown tomato!  She passed away several years ago, but she did give me a few small lessons in vegetable gardens so hopefully the knowledge will be useful this summer!  I live in a condominium complex, but I am renting a 20' x 20' community garden plot.  Because of this cold and rainy weather, I was finally able to plant this weekend and I hope that this garden will yield great results!  As the weeks go by, I will post some updated pictures of the garden, and I'm hoping pictures of my harvest, as well as many delicious recipes utilizing my harvest!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Various Herbs 




Butternut Squash

Long Neck Summer Squash

Sweet Corn


Garden Salsa Hot Peppers

Bell Peppers


  1. Wow that is awesome. I never knew about community plots, something I totally need to check out next year. Good luck with your garden, looks great already!

  2. Thanks Amber! It is from the Des Plaines park district. I love it already and there are really nice people even though I think I am the youngest gardener there, LOL. I may have to replace the zucchini, squash, cucumber though this weekend. Bugs are getting to them already and it's a losing battle.